I serve the kind of food I know the story behind. - Michael Pollan

CSA is a partnership between the farm and its shareholders. Shareholders purchase a portion of the harvest and Twitter Creek invests the money in the seeds, supplies, and labor necessary to provide a fresh harvest of vegetables and herbs throughout the season. Distribution is weekly and generally lasts 16-18 weeks, from June through the end of September.  

The weekly share will be accompanied by newsletters containing updates from the farm and recipes for the harvest.  Members are strongly encouraged to visit the farm during the season to get a greater sense of where and how their food is grown.

2019 offers one share size, geared toward a family of 3-4 or a hearty vegetable eating pair. We are planning to begin share distribution on  June 5th . Shares will be distributed every Wednesday and be available for pick up after 3pm at the Homer Brewing Company, 1411 Lake Shore Drive. Members who desire a smaller share are encouraged to partner with a friend (or friends) and split a full share accordingly. 

We believe that eating fresh vegetables grown locally with intention, love, and intellect are not only good for us personally but good for the global community as a whole. Supporting the farm through the CSA model is a great way to stay healthy, stay connected to your food, and help build food security in our state. 


 The share price for 2019 is $575.00

If you are ready to reserve your spot or have questions, please email: twittercreekgardens@gmail.com



This season, we set up a “community fund” to reserve 5 CSA slots for low income families in Homer.  Our goal is to work with local organizations to identify families in need and match shares to homes in a respectful and confidential manner.   If you have any ideas or contacts to aid in this endeavor, or would like to donate to the fund, please let us know.